Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is the coaching? Will you also help me find a job after two months?
    There’s no time-limit. As long as you are motivated and committed, we will be as well. We know you have a job and life happens. So, if you need to take a break, just let us know and we’ll agree on the next steps after you’re back. Watch our FREE video training to understand how the program works and your invest.
  • Will you help me get a job with visa sponsorships?
    Most of the jobs which our successful coachees end up getting do include support from their future employer, yes. But, even in the event that your German company doesn’t support your visa process, we will take care of your complete visa processBecause all you really need to come to Germany is a work contract. Check this practice-based blog article of ours which covers this issue in its entirety.
  • Do I need to know any German?
    No, together we will be going for English-speaking jobs in Germany or jobs where German skills are not a primary requirement. However, we will always encourage you to learn German for it will make your life easier. Check this blog article for more info.

  • Are there any terms or will I be signing a contract with you guys?
    We’ll be sending you our terms and conditions after our get-to-know call (Step 1) if we agree to proceed with the next step, which is your 45-minute strategy call (Step 2). We will ask you to check our terms before you book the session and write down any remaining questions that you may have. We’ll then clear those in the strategy call. Watch our FREE video training to understand how the program works and your invest.

  • Will I have to pay the success fee every year?
    The success-fee is a one-off fee. This means it will only be based on your first year salary as stipulated in your work contract with your future employer. There’s no follow-up fee for the years after that. You can learn more about our pricing structure here.

  • Are the jobs you help people find employment- or freelance-based?
    We go for employment-based jobs in Germany. That means we work towards you getting employment and actually relocating to Germany. When boarding you on, the German company might already make use of your services while you are still in your home country - that would initially be a freelance-based relationship.

  • Do you also offer help for remote jobs? I’d like to stay in my home country for now.
    In principle this is possible, yes. In any case, we’ll have to agree on the right strategy. Let us know about this when booking your get-to-know call.

  • Can you give me some understanding of salaries and costs of living in Germany?
    No problem, we have a comprehensive blog article exclusively dedicated to this issue. Write down any remaining questions that you may have and we’ll answer those in our get-to-know call.